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Established in 2007, Law House is a full-service law firm advising and supporting local, regional and international corporations, financial institutions and individual clients in the UAE. Law House lawyers provide seamless, high quality expert advice in all areas of law including Corporate & Commercial, Banking & Finance, Dispute Resolution & Litigation, Construction & Real Estate, Information Technology & Intellectual Property, Insurance, Media & Advertising and Employment & Labor matters.  Law House has an exceptional reputation in dealing with complex issues and providing innovative and cost-effective solutions personalized to meet its client’s legal and commercial needs. The firm is committed to providing its clients with services of the highest standard.
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A Partner Led Approach

The teams are partner-led and involve lawyers in providing the best possible service at all times. The partners offer a client-focused approach and are the first point of contact to provide immediate and regular advice throughout. Clients can rely on the judgment of experienced partner-level consulting to enable them to make the right decisions in the context of their business strategy.

The firm is well-positioned to provide assistance on complex matters and effective legal advice.  Being a niche firm and following a ‘Partner-led’ approach allows the firm to provide a more responsive, personal and cost-effective service to the clients.

Partner Led Approach

Our Goals

Our clients are our number one priority. Ensuring that we know, understand and anticipate their business needs and requirements, and how best to serve them, is fundamental to us.

We understand that our current and future success is attributable to the opportunities afforded to us by our clients, so meeting and exceeding their expectations is our ultimate goal.

Our aim is to be recognized both locally and internationally as a dynamic, accomplished and multi faceted law firm, setting the standards to which others aspire.

Whether representing a large multi-national corporate entity or an individual entrepreneur, Law House Advocates & Legal Consultants remains fully committed at all times to providing the highest professional standards, personal service and uncompromising ethics.

At Law House Advocates & Legal Consultants, our multicultural and diverse team is able to understand, appreciate and provide alternative and innovative points of view and solutions to our varied and diverse clientele. We take pride in our ability to “think outside the box” by providing commercially viable solutions to complex issues as well as our willingness to challenge orthodox views.

We are distinguished from others by our level of dedication and commitment, the quality of our work, our unwavering ethics and our constant stride to go above and beyond what is asked of us – exemplified by our mission statement – “beyond perfection”.

Our Values

Law House Advocates & Legal Consultants is a value-driven law firm, guided by the principles of teamwork and collaboration, quality and performance. These values are evidenced by our personal service, our standards of excellence and our solid commitment to be the best we can in servicing our clients.

Teamwork and collaboration

By sharing and exchanging ideas and information and liaising with clients, our team of lawyers ensures that they fully understand the clients’ requirements and needs and are always placed to serve their best interests promptly and efficiently.

We strive continuously to be the best we can be, tackling obstacles and pursuing challenging and stimulating opportunities, always ensuring that we act responsibly and professionally in a simple, direct and uncompromising pursuit of solutions and results for our clients.

Quality and Performance

We demand the highest standards of excellence in our ethics, our service and our business processes. By devising creative, innovative approaches and solutions to issues, our team of lawyers consistently delivers the best quality of service.

Mission Statement

At Law House Advocates & Legal Consultants, our team of multicultural highly qualified lawyers with their extensive experience and knowledge and their willingness and ability to provide the finest legal consultancy and resolve the most complex legal disputes, ensures that we constantly meet and surpass our clients’ expectations and provide a standard of legal service that is once again described as “beyond perfection”. Simply, our client’s success is ultimately our own.

Mission Statement
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